Download, move & make music.

SoundMoovz is the revolutionary motion-activated instrumental device that allows you to play sounds with movements. Create the sounds by moving, and dance along at the same time. It is a completely new performance sensation, changing the way you interact with music, while having fun. SoundMoovz, the next step in music revolution. It’s Muzic by Mooving!

See how easy it is to get started right here ...

Put on SoundMoovz

Power on

Download SoundMoovz app

Pair via Bluetooth wireless technology

Over 400 sounds

Choose a sound

Move! Dance! Enjoy!

Multiple Usage

Get your SoundMoovz set right here.

A SoundMoovz set/box contains 2 bands. (See the picture on the right).

Step 1:

Select your offer

Add number of SoundMoovz boxes here:




VAT included,-

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